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multiple options to add a quick payment link on your website

alby widget

alby donate button

the task:

You want to sell a picture, graphic, wallpaper, or photo.

the plan:

Show an image preview of a file and a QR code that users can scan to pay with lightning. The full image should be available for download only after payment.


Alby is much more than just a donate button. Once you make an account, you get a lightning wallet, lightning address, and even a nostr identity. The Alby wallet is custodial, but you can access it with your own lightning wallet. If you want to, you can connect it to your own node so it becomes non-custodial.

If you also install the Alby browser extension it is really cool, it pops open your Alby wallet if you are on a website that allows lightning login or to pay a lightning tip or invoice. And it’s free.

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