Tips TwentyUno Widget

lightning donations and tips

multiple options to add a quick payment link on your website

a widget for tips


the plan:

You want to get tips with lightning.

the tools:

Use twentyuno payment widget

the upside:

  • It looks great
  • Free to use, no fees
  • No sign-up required
  • Customize avatar/logo and colours
  • Set up in minutes
  • Non-custodial (your keys)
  • Donor can use any lightning wallet
  • Pre-set amounts and option to select any tip amount
  • Option to send message with payment
  • Donor is anonymous
  • Thank you message
  • Alby has MANY other uses

the downside:

  • You need a lightning address to receive your tips
  • Widget cannot be self-hosted
  • Amount cannot be shown in fiat currency
  • Donor is anonymous
  • No transaction history
  • No actual payment confirmation after sending tip

the result (live demo):