Tips Crowdfund BTCpay

lightning donations and tips

multiple options to add a quick payment link on your website



the plan:

You want to raise funds. You want donors to pay with lightning.

the tools:

Use BTCpay server with Crowdfund plugin.

the upside:

  • Non-custodial option (your keys)
  • Donor can use any lightning wallet
  • Can be self-hosted
  • Amount can be shown in fiat currency
  • Option to select amount
  • Payment confirmation / thank you message
  • Redirect option after payment
  • Run as many campaigns as you want
  • Set start and end date
  • Set target amount
  • Show contribution ranking
  • Show progress towards target
  • Allow a bonus file download after payment
  • Notification callback
  • BTCpay has MANY other uses

the downside:

  • No public platform / marketing
  • No option to send message with payment
  • No option to collect donor name or email
  • UX customization possible but overall not very pretty

the result (live demo):

fund me: