POS LNbits

sell products with lightning

in your shop, at the market, or on your phone

mobile checkout


the plan:

You want a lightning POS to sell stuff person-to-person.

the tools:

Use LNbits TPoS extension.

the upside:

  • You don’t need an online store
  • You don’t need a cash register
  • Web-based (no app download necessary)
  • Non-custodial option (your keys)
  • Customer can use any lightning wallet
  • Customer can add tip
  • Can be self-hosted
  • POS cannot spend, only receive
  • Create POS for each salesperson
  • Sales go to your wallet, but any tips go to salesperson wallet
  • Amount can be entered in fiat currency
  • Option to charge any amount
  • LNbits has MANY other uses

the downside:

  • No option to collect customer name or email
  • No pre set prices
  • No itemized sales record
  • No cart, need an invoice for every item
  • Cannot print receipt
  • No e-commerce integration

the result (live demo):