sell products with lightning

in your shop, at the market, or on your phone

sell your time

sats for appointments

the plan:

You want to charge sats for appointments, consultations, workshops – online or in-person.

the tools:

Use LNCal

the upside:

  • Client can use any lightning wallet
  • Anonymous sign up with lightning
  • Free to use, no fees
  • Withdraw any time lightning or on-chain
  • Customize UX
  • Set custom rates
  • Set default time slots
  • Appointment in-person or online
  • Integrate with google calendar
  • Collect client details
  • Client can add Video call URL or physical address
  • Booking confirmation with booking reference number
  • Client receive confirmation email with a calendar invite and details

the downside:

  • Custodial (not your keys)
  • Amount in sats only
  • Time slots need some improvement
  • Minimum charge 4000 sats per timeslot

the result (live demo):

book me: