POS Aurpay

sell products with lightning

in your shop, at the market, or on your phone

pay buttons


the plan:

You want a lightning POS to sell stuff person-to-person. You also want this to be an online store.

the tools:

Use Aurpay Quick-Pay button

the upside:

  • Customer can use any lightning wallet
  • Pre-set pricing
  • Branding of UX is possible (minimal)
  • Payment confirmation / thank you message
  • Option to redirect back to store
  • Can collect customer details with custom fields (e.g. for shipping)
  • Webhooks available

the downside:

  • Custodial option only (not your keys)
  • Cannot be self-hosted
  • You have to sign up to use (but customer does not need to sign up)
  • Withdraw requires full business KYC (!)
  • Not free to use, fees are 0.8%
  • Amount can only be shown in fiat currency, converted to sats at the time of payment or withdraw
  • Prices in fixed amount only
  • No discount option
  • No itemized sales record
  • No downloadable content option
  • No cart, need an invoice for every item
  • Cannot print receipt
  • You can view transaction history but no download option

the result (live demo):

badger gear: