POS Invoice Speed

sell products with lightning

in your shop, at the market, or on your phone

invoice anything!


the plan:

You want to send invoices via email for payment with lightning (web design, books, pool service, yoga classes).

the tools:

Use Speed invoices.

the upside:

  • Invoice anything
  • Charge multiple items on one invoice
  • Email with PDF and QR code
  • Free to use for for first 0.5 BTC, then 1% fee
  • Nice account dashboard
  • Test mode to get started
  • Customer can use any lightning wallet
  • Pre-set pricing (can add discount, shipping, tax etc)
  • Payment confirmation / thank you message
  • Payments record with payment status
  • Speed has MANY other uses

the downside:

  • Custodial option only (not your keys)
  • Cannot be self-hosted
  • Sign-up required (email)
  • Also need customer email
  • Withdraw on-chain only
  • Amount cannot be shown in fiat currency
  • No option to send message with payment
  • Limited branding of UX

the result (demo):

you have mail: