LNbits 6

sell products with lightning

in your shop, at the market, or on your phone

LNbits Checkout

Non-Custodial option:

  1. Install LNbits on your server
  2. Instructions here
  3. Instructions here
  4. You can also run it on Umbrel, MyNode or Raspiblitz
  5. Raspibolt instructions

Custodial option:

  1. It takes 60 seconds to get your own Lightning wallet!
  2. Go to https://legend.lnbits.com/
  3. Type a name for your wallet
  5. Copy the URL (important!)
  6. Save the URL (important!)
  7. At the moment this URL is the ONLY way to access your wallet (account/login coming in future)
  8. Go to Extensions
  9. Enable TPoS
  10. Open TPoS extension
  11. Add NEW TPOS
  12. View the TPoS page and copy/save the URL
  13. Open the page anytime to use