LNbits 2

lightning donations and tips

multiple options to add a quick payment link on your website

LNbits Tipjar

Non-Custodial option:

  1. Install LNbits on your server
  2. Instructions here
  3. Instructions here
  4. You can also run it on Umbrel, MyNode or Raspiblitz
  5. Raspibolt instructions

Custodial option:

  1. It takes 60 seconds to get your own Lightning wallet!
  2. Go to https://legend.lnbits.com/
  3. Type a name for your wallet
  5. Copy the URL (important!)
  6. Save the URL (important!)
  7. At the moment this URL is the ONLY way to access your wallet (account/login coming in future)
  8. Go to Extensions
  9. Enable Tip Jar
  10. Open Tip Jar extension
  11. Click NEW TIPJAR
  12. Create TIPJAR
  13. View the TipJar and Copy the page URL
  14. Display the URL on your website as a code, button, or link