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sell content with lightning

multiple options to sell digital media on your website

sats for playlist

get boosts on wavlake

the plan:

Your fans tip you with lightning while they listen to your tracks.

the tools:

Use Wavlake

the upside:

  • For artist, band, record label, or podcaster
  • Supports V4V open standard
  • Registered fans can use any lightning wallet to boost
  • Boost for playlist, tracks and messages
  • Boost and earnings history
  • Default boost amount or any amount
  • Social media bio including nostr
  • Brand with image or cover art for tracks and albums
  • Upload for hosting of content files
  • Easy withdraw with lightning
  • Public forum and marketing
  • Hosting and feed syndication
  • Interact with fans via message board
  • Payment confirmation / thank you message

the downside:

  • Custodial only (not your keys)
  • Sign up with email
  • Fees are 10% of every track boost and message boost
  • Donors have to sign up and log in to Boost

the result (live demo):

boost me: