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sats for podcast

earn with conshax

the plan:

You want to earn sats with your podcast.

the tools:

Use any podcast 2.0 service.

Listeners can use all podcast players that support Value4Value, e.g., Castamatic, Fountain, Podverse, Breez, etc

the upside:

  • Conshax as an example:
  • Sign up with Alby wallet
  • Create your own page: add your favorite podcasts or add your own
  • Authenticate to claim podcast ownership
  • Segment your podcast episodes into freely accessible and paid sections
  • Public forum to promote your content
  • Share the link from your home view on social media, etc.
  • Boostagrams: donations with messages you can send to creators
  • Streaming: the app sends satoshis to the podcast you are listening to for every minute of listening time.
  • Podcaster donation dashboard
  • Donations can be split to pay more than one wallet
  • Leaderboard and a list of recent supporters
  • Amounts shown in sats or fiat
  • Donor can use any lightning wallet
  • Option for pre-set or select any amount
  • value4value has MANY uses

the downside:

  • Conshax as an example:
  • At the moment sign up/sign in with Alby wallet only (non-custodial option possible)
  • Listener has to use a v4v podcast player (e.g. Fountain)
  • Not free: 4% fee of all boosts or donations
  • Boosts/donations minimum 100 sats
  • QR invoices in weird format – you have to copy/paste invoice manually

the result (live):