Content Posts

sell content with lightning

multiple options to sell digital media on your website

sell posts

get zaps for posting

the plan:

You want to earn sats for your social media posts.

the tools:

Use Stacker News, Y’alls, nostr, Twitter/X, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, etc.

the upside (stacker):

  • Custodial wallet but easy withdraw with lightning
  • Free to use – no fees
  • Anonymous sign up (with Lightning, Nostr, Twitter, Github), or email
  • You get a lightning address for free (e.g.
  • Donor can use any lightning wallet
  • Payment confirmation
  • Pre-set or any amount
  • Users can be anonymous or add a profile and bio
  • Get bonus sats for zapping, posts, referrals, airdrops
  • Option to select amount
  • Post and zap history with link to your public page
  • Zap and comment notifications
  • Social media zaps are awesome

the downside (stacker):

  • Mostly custodial options only (not your keys)

the result (live demo):

zap me: