Content Video Lightning

sell content with lightning

multiple options to sell digital media on your website

sats for video

pay-to-view with lightning video

the plan:

You want to earn sats with your video.

the tools:

Use Lightning.Video

the upside:

  • Customer can use any lightning wallet
  • Sign up with email or lightning wallet (anonymous)
  • Pay sats to view, comment, and send tips
  • Set amount to view
  • Set minimum amount to comment
  • Set tip to variable amount
  • Content files upload for hosting
  • Can embed video on your website
  • Publish on public forum (exposure) or set private
  • Public comments or private
  • Withdraw with lightning
  • Customer is anonymous

the downside:

  • Custodial option only (not your keys)
  • Cannot be self-hosted
  • Poor documentation / instructions
  • No branding
  • Fee to publish is 2100 sats per video
  • Minimum withdraw limit
  • No search function
  • Customer is anonymous

the result (live):

pay to view: